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Don’t get bored during your visit just connect to our high-speed Wifi. Our platform is specially developed for the ease of visitors. Connect @Packages Mall and enjoy your visit.


Packages Mall offers bank facilities and services to all its valued shoppers, saving you the hassle of waiting in long queues

First Aid

Packages Mall offers first aid services for all its valued shoppers because we care about your safety and wellbeing. If you are not well or are injured, just ask our help desk and they will guide you to receive first aid

Baby Changing Room

We realize it can be a hassle for mothers to change their baby’s clothes when they are in the Mall. This is why Packages Mall has a dedicated baby changing room so all mothers can change their babies’ clothes with ease and convenience

Prayer Rooms

The Packages Mall has onsite prayer rooms for men and women on all levels. If you feel a problem in finding prayer rooms then connect with our Guest services desk.

ATM Machines

Packages Mall offers ATM services for all its shoppers. Don’t worry about running out of cash, you can withdraw it and shop for your favorite brands

Covered Ground Floor Parking

Packages Mall offers its valued shoppers the facility of covered ground floor parking, making it easier to carry your shopping items to your cars

Driver’s Canteen

Packages Mall has a designated drivers canteen so that your drivers can spend their time enjoying snacks while you enjoy your shopping

In Mall shuttle

Packages Mall offers shuttle service inside the mall. No need to walk for miles, just use shuttle service to reach your desired outlet and spend all your energy shopping from your favorite brands

Pedestrian Shuttle Service

Packages Mall offers shuttle service to pedestrians so you don’t need to spend your energy walking. We care about your convenience

Multiple Entry / Exit Lanes

Packages Mall has multiple entry and exit lanes, making sure that our valued shoppers have a pleasant experience, free from any inconvenience

Car Hire Pick Up Point

Packages Mall offers cars for hire, making sure that our shoppers have a ride when they need it


Packages Mall has a pharmacy for all your medical needs. Get all your medicines and supplies along with your other shopping


Packages Mall has an onsite optician available to take care of all your optic needs. Whether it is glasses or contact lenses, we got you covered

Exclusive Kids Cinema

Packages Mall has its very own kids cinema, with the best movies for your children. Come over and enjoy wholesome family entertainment

Customer Service Desk on Each Main Entrance

Have any questions or concerns? Worry not because Packages Mall has customer service desks on each main entrance. Our representatives will assist you and make sure you have the best shopping experience

24hr Onsite Security

We at Packages Mall deeply care about all our valued shoppers and ensure their safety and security. We have 24 hour security onsite, making sure you and your loved ones feel secure at all times

Wheel Chairs

Packages Mall cares deeply about handicapped shoppers and want to make sure that they have the most comfortable shopping experience. This is why we offer wheelchairs to facilitate their shopping and make sure they have a good time

Handicap Toilets

Packages Mall has special toilets for handicapped shoppers, ensuring their safety and wellbeing at all times