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How many shops are in Packages Mall?

Packages Mall is an ideal destination for shopping for both locals and visitors with more than 200 plus stores inside. Packages Mall’s emphasis on fashion as well as lifestyle is one of its most prominent features. There is an extensive selection of clothing shops, from luxurious brands like Gul Ahmed and Junaid Jamshed as well as affordable brands like Limelight and many more. The Body Cosmetics shops and other well-known local and global cosmetics and beauty products brands are also available. 


Packages Mall offers many kinds of entertainment choices in addition to shopping. Luxurious cinemas with many screens, comfortable seating, and food shops can be found at the mall. Additionally, there is an indoor gaming area with many kinds of games and activities to keep you entertained. With over 30 food establishments, including fast-food franchises, restaurants, and fine-dining restaurants, Packages Mall is the place to be if you love food.


Many local and unique organizations that provide an alternative to the typical mall experience can be found in Packages Mall. Among other things, you can find handmade goods and traditional Pakistani arts. These stores support local business owners as well in addition to offering a distinctive shopping experience.


Many stores in Packages Mall may meet all of your needs. Everyone may find something to enjoy here, from fashion and lifestyle to entertainment and food. The mall has become an all-in-one shopping destination with a multitude of options because of its emphasis on variety, quality, and price. Packages Mall provides what you’re searching for if you’re looking for luxurious designer goods or inexpensive alternatives. Therefore, be sure to explore the extensive selection of stores and brands.


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