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Luxury Clothing Brands To Explore At Packages Mall

Clothing brands in Pakistan have a variety of options for everyone. They make it possible for everyone to afford the clothes.

However, we know with embroidery and detailed work comes higher prices. Therefore, today we will be looking at a few luxury clothing brands at Packages Mall.

So, if you are looking for clothing brand names stay with us till the end so we can provide you with a list. But first, have a look at a few things that you must know before you go to the luxury brands.


  • Keep A Set Budget
  • Look For Details
  • Explore As Much As You Can


Keep A Set Budget


You need to set a budget before you go on and explore different luxury brands at our mall. You must know that a luxury pret has different prices as compared to others.

If you have a high budget you can search for the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan and start from there.

And it is because they are not for usual and casual days. They are reserved for different occasions like a party, eid etc.

And if you think that kids clothing brands do not have a good variety of luxury pret we suggest you pay a visit to these shops today.

Keeping a budget in mind helps you with a lot of things. Firstly, you can narrow down the places with that budget in your mind.

For instance, if you are going for an Eid dress you can start with Limelight or Khaddi. But, if you want to have something more towards the fancy side, you can go for Ideas. This way you can save a lot of time on your hand.


Look For Details


Spending a good amount of money on something that lacks originality and detail is just a waste of money, Therefore, you must have a keen eye for details.

Women clothing brands in pakistan know the importance of details that people admire when buying a dress. Therefore, their designers make it a habit to go for intricate details.

If you want something with beaded or diamontes you will have to see if the pattern and colour combinations are going together. Moreover, if you have no idea where to look or what to buy, you can ask the salesperson.

They will provide you with great insights and who knows that brand ends up being your favourite?


Explore As Much As You Can


Whether you are going for men clothing brands in pakistan or women, you must have a look at every brand before you make up your mind. In case you have done your homework, there’s nothing much to explore then.

But, we are saying this because these brands have different sales and different pret launching every other month. So, unless you are okay with the old designs, we suggest you go for some extra time and explore while you still have the time.


Packages Mall- The Place For Luxury Brands


We have all the top clothing brands in Pakistan that you can explore when there’s a wedding or a festival nearby. You can also go for different wedding dresses available at the brands.

From western clothing brands in Pakistan to national ones, we offer an exquisite variety to everyone.



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