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Top 10 International Brands in Packages Mall

Mall? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word?

Shopping? Food? Brands? Kids Play area? Cafes?

Wouldn’t it just be perfect to find all this under just one roof?  Well, we might have found just the thing for you. Packages Mall, Lahore!




Packages Mall covers a vast area of over 2.4 million square feet, making it the 3rd largest mall in Pakistan. This state-of-the-art mall has been designed according to international standards.

Since its inception in 2017, Packages Mall has been home to 200 local and international brands, a food court with delicious cuisines from across the world, a world-class multiplex cinema, and one of the largest grocery stores in the world, Carrefour. It has become the go-to destination for shoppers in the city.

It by all means is a shopper’s paradise. From clothing to shoes to cosmetics you name it and you can find it here. In all the hustle and bustle of today’s world, if you can find a place that values your time and provides you with everything under one roof, you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity now, should you?




With our booming market and the increase in need for imported good quality products, foreign and international brands have turned towards us and malls play a significant role in bringing these international products to the local audience.

Looking at this demand, Packages Mall has a wide range of both local and foreign brands. Packages Mall has a large variety of international clothing, shoes and cosmetics. Now you don’t have to shop online or order from abroad because you can get this in your own city!

Shop till you drop! This literally fits here perfectly, doesn’t it? Apart from footwear and clothes, there are so many other options to choose from. There is something for everyone.

Malls in order to sustain need to keep a perfect blend of both local and international brands to continue the footfall. In recent times with the advancements of social media and the fact that the internet has limited the distances you have to be on your feet all the time.




If you are sporty and are looking for the perfect shoe, you have many international shoe brands you can look at. These include Puma, Nike, Adidas and Sketchers. Similarly, if you are into high-end clothing, brands such as Next, Dockers, Mango, US Polo and many others.

Looking at this need many international clothing, cosmetic and shoe brands have opened up their outlets in Pakistan. In Packages Mall alone there are over 10 International brands. One of the reasons for the success of this mall is the easy accessibility of these products here which has shaped the mall’s target audience also.




Globalization has made brands change their marketing strategy and move markets internationally. Be it basic consumer goods or retailing or banking. All brands are looking to further diversify their portfolio over the horizon. This does have a positive and negative impact on the local brands.

Where international brands have an edge because of their quality and value for money, local brands have strong presence due to familiarity and their cultural connection. Both of these factors influence the consumer purchase decision.

As one of the biggest malls in the country Packages Mall is bridging the gap between both local and international products thus giving the customer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

So if you want to shop, eat or just spend quality time with your friends or family this is the place for you. Now you don’t have to drive shop to shop to buy what you need, everything is under one roof. Hence it makes it easy for the customer to compare products, not just price wise but also quality wise.

Here’s a look at the International Brands at Packages Mall:


International Shoe Brands




If you are looking for comfortable yet performance based footwear, head to Skechers! It is the third largest footwear brand in US and now it has opened its doors for customers in Pakistan. With shops spread across the country it has a wide range of footwear for men, women and kids. So visit their official outlet in Packages Mall and get quality shoes.




Who hasn’t heard of Nike! It’s a go to store for shoes that give you your value for money and last a lifetime really! They have expertise in the athletic department with products ranging from shoes, clothes, caps, bags and many more. Time to give your sports gear an update!




With over 200,000 stores worldwide, Adidas is a famous sportswear company. Adidas is a brand that has a rich heritage and a passion for sports. It strives to create products that help athletes perform better and inspire people to live an active lifestyle.




Reebok has shoes that are designed for any sports activity. Their styles are innovative and stylish. They stand among the top sports accessories brands like mentioned above. With their outlet in Packages mall they are easily accessible to people and the can make a better choice while choosing their athletic gear.




Puma believes that Sport transforms us all. This is the base for their brand. Be it their sportswear or other athletic accessories Puma stands tall on the quality and design of its products. It’s a perfect place to look for sports and casual apparel.




At packages mall we don’t only have athletic footwear, we also have stylish and up to date design shoes by various brands. One of these brands in Charles and Keith.

Their collection is for ladies and kids. Products range from shoes, bag, sunglasses and various other accessories. They are trendy and not too hard on the pocket.

Next time while looking for a wedding shoe head over to Charles & Keith.




Dune is the perfect place for hottest new trends must have bags. They have set the bar high for ladies and men footwear. Their bags and sunglasses are always a hit amongst the women. They are vibrant, diverse and creative. At Dune you can surely find something that suits your taste and occasion.






All the good stuff that your skin, hair or body needs, it’s available at Body Shop. The extensive range of products are made from natural ingredients which suit every skin type. From mists, to shampoos, to creams and oil, Body shop is one of its kind cosmetic and skin brand which in a very little time has grasp a large share in the market.




This beauty and skin care brand has a very holistic approach towards their brand. They believe in keeping the nature very close to their brand ideology. Seed to Skin is their motto. The products are plant base so no chemicals induced. Some of their famous products include Almond Milk Concentrate Body Cream, Intensive Repair Conditioner, Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum and Almond Shower Oil.




Beaute collection have very specific and exclusive brands all under one roof. You don’t have to shop from one shop to another you can find all quality beauty brands here. Various brands like Chanel, Burberry, Mont Blanc, YSL, Van Cleef and many more are available here.




Makeup is your playground and you set the rules! Ignolt is one of the leading makeup brands with the range of 1,500 colors and over 450 ways to emphasize your lips, 600 ways to enhance your eyes, and over 300 ways to portray your face.






Next is probably one of the leading international clothing brands. Their latest and up to date trends keeps it a popular shopping destination for many people across the world. NEXT has over 700 stores worldwide. They have now targeting their niche markets also which include kids, home & sports. The reason for their success is their affordable and durable styles.




It’s simple, its innovative and its fine quality. If you are looking for a fresh new outlook? You have landed at the right place. Giordano shirts carry a unique style. From tees to polos, each and every piece a piece of perfection. When a new season arrives, they change trends too. It’s a brand that this reliable, popular and is easily accessible.




US Polo was inspired by the sport of polo. It offers and extensive variety of classically styles, high quality, causal and formal wears. It has a wide variety for men, women and kids. They are comfortable, breathable every day wear clothes which will make you stand out in the crowd!




This Spanish brand has been in Pakistan for a past few years now. Its affordability and clothing designs are very popular among the masses. The cuts and styles are suited for various occasions. Be it office wear, wedding or just a casual outing. Mango has a very versatile approach. Their kids section is one of the famous sub brands with fine cloth and good price point.




The first word that comes to mind when we hear Denim is LEVIS! Every other person wears LEVIS.  No one can match its originality sustainability and quality. Levi’s tee makes you look perfect and stylish no matter what the occasion is. Whether you are looking for fashionable tees, classy shirts, chinos or trendy polos, Levi’s has something for everyone.




Diesel offers a large mix of jeans, shirts, polos and other accessories. The clothing line has two different brands: Diesel and Diesel Black Gold. There is also a line for children, called Diesel Kid. It’s not as popular at LEVIS but it definitely has a targeted audience for their products.




Along with these, there are many local brands that are very popular among customers. Such has Khaadi, Sapphire, J., Outfitters, Sana Safinaz, Service, Insignia, Bata and many more.

With the variety provided one can clearly see why it is one of the most popular malls in Pakistan. By blending shopping and entertainment it aims to provide a complete experience to its customers. The expanding and emerging markets in the country are making it a suitable environment for the international markets to enter the arena. This gives the end user more options to evaluate. So be it the comfortable shoes from Sketchers or fancy intricate shoes of Insignia. The rouge lip color from Sapphire cosmetics or the Ruby for me from Maybelline, the scent of Azba from J. or the everlasting Coco Chanel. There is something for everyone!

Time to shop now!




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