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Unveiling the Finest Food Brands and Best Restaurants at Packages Mall Food Court

Shopping malls in Lahore always reserve one special place where customers can retire after a tiring shopping spree and order whatever they like. While it is impossible to have every food outlet in a mall, we ensure we bring nothing but class and quality.

Packages Mall’s food court is filled with top-rated food brands that one can simply never resist. We know how important it is to have options that are safe for everyone, so we only have the finest food brands.

If you want to plan your next visit to the Packages Mall, then you must have a look at this blog till the end. We are about to tell you all the food brands we have here.

Whether your children want to munch on nuggets or your husband is looking for desi cuisine, we have every option available, and today we will give you their names.

So, gear up, and let’s have a look at some of the best restaurants at our mall.

Bun Pluster
Juice Station
Tawa Chatkhara
Gloria Jeans
Baskin Robbins
Platter Junction
Mangal Arabian Kitchen
Burger Lab
Bombay Chowpatty
Papa Johns
Second Cup
Manolo Gelato
Jade Express
Chacha Jee
Simply Sufi
Pizza Hut
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Pantry by Polo Lounge
Bundu Khan
Salt n Pepper

There are thirty-three options for you at our mall and they are not just available at the food court. We have a number of brands adjacent to different clothing brands, so whenever you feel a sugar rush or are just low on energy, you can grab a quick bite.

All these food brands in Packages Mall have comfortable seating in hygienic environments. Most of them ask you to wait for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and then you can have your freshly baked or cooked food.

From desi cuisines like Bundu Khan and Taxali to fast food brands like KFC and Hardee’s, we offer a wide range of restaurants in Packages Mall.

No matter if it’s the cinnamon rolls you want to try or you are craving some ice cream, you can have them right inside the mall.

What you can do is have a look at their menus at home so you know exactly where you have to go. Or you can make a reservation beforehand so you don’t have to go through the problem of waiting in line.

Explore the Best Dine-in Options At Packages


We always try to provide our customers with nothing short of the best. Therefore, we have the best options for you available at our mall.

All these places are regularly observed by our maintenance team to see whether or not they are following every rule.

However, if you feel like they are violating the food policies or any code of conduct you are free to contact the management team.

Let’s make Packages Mall a happy and safe space for everyone.


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