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What Colours You Should Try This Season?-Packages Mall

What’s life without a bit of experimentation and risk? And when you live near one of the biggest shopping malls in Pakistan, Packages Mall, you have nothing to worry about.

Today we will be diving into the different fashion and colour trends you can try this summer.

If you have always been afraid to try on new things, this is your sign to not be afraid and dive into the sea of new colours and fashion trends.

If you want to be the IT girl or IT boy, then you need to get out of your comfort zone this summer.

No more sulking on the couch in your favourite pyjamas. Now is the time to shine in the world, and you can do this with a little bit of our help and some shopping from Packages Mall Lahore.

So, let’s start, shall we?

These are our favourite colour picks this summer. You must try these and let others laugh at you.

Neutrals Never Do Any Harm
Pastels And Summer Go Way Back
Purple And Black Are Always Loved

Neutrals Never Do Any Harm


The first thing is that you must go for neutrals this summer. It’s not always about having bright colours in summer, or even if you are going for that look, try to throw a little bit of a neutral shade in it to make it more eye-catching.

Have you ever heard of ‘Simplicity is the best policy”? Let’s mould it and rephrase it to say, ‘Neutrals are the best fashion trend.” And we are not wrong.

You can have a look at the best and top fashion models and see how they are using neutral looks this summer to be the centre of attention, and that’s what you need to do as well.

Whether you try beige or a monochrome look with grey, make sure you capture the best pictures and videos for your social media. Let the world know your fashion style.

Pastels And Summer Go Way Back


The next thing that you need is to find some pastels in your wardrobe. This summer, you will be transforming yourself into a new and totally different kind of person with fashion trends.

And if you cannot find any pastels, don’t worry, as we have got everything covered. Head to J. today, located in Packages Mall, and discover the wide variety that they launched for this summer.

You will find tonnes of different pastel shades for yourself this summer. So whether you need something for office wear or you want to throw a massive party by your pool, Packages Mall is there to help you with everything.

Purple And Black Are Always Loved


While many people love to go for light shades in the summer, there are a few who still want to wear gothic shades. And we are here to give them the best fashion advice.

If you are a grunge and goth lover, you must love the new collection that Saya has launched in stores.

Conveniently, it is located in Packages Mall on the first floor, so you can explore as much as you want and then finally land on something for your style.

Visit Packages Mall Today


Now that you know about fashion trends, you must try to play with them and see which styles and colours suit you the most.

And if you need to match the jewellery or shoes with them, we have everything you need. From shoes to bags, Packages Mall has got you covered.

Visit us today and explore the many possibilities for styling your new dresses.


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