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Why Packages Mall Is One of the Best Entertainment Places in Lahore

If you are in Lahore and looking to shop! Look no further. Lahore will definitely not disappoint you in this department! It’s one of the few cities that promises a full shopping experience with its state of the art shopping malls. With so many options sometimes you may get overwhelmed with choices. You are really left in awe as to what to buy and what to leave.

Lahore is loved because of it bustling city life. It has a perfect blend of cultures and its history which makes it a vibrant city to be in. It definitely has boomed its retail sector and put the market in a frenzy.

Few years ago people didn’t have much options to go shop. They would either go to the small retail shops or small scale malls that were just operating on local brands. Now this has all changed and one of the biggest examples is The Packages Mall Lahore!

Packages mall is one of the biggest malls in Pakistan. It’s been serving its customers since 2017. It definitely is one of the best entertainment places in Lahore and here are the reasons why!


  1. Best Entertainment Place
  2. Home to many International Brands
  3. Rich Food cuisines
  4. Kids fun activities
  5. Cinema
  6. In-Mall shuttle service


Best Entertainment Place in Lahore:


With the total area of 1200,000 sq. ft., Packages Mall is the largest mall in Lahore. It is one of the favorite entertainment places for Lahories to visit with their friends or family.

The vast variety of brands, eateries play areas it has something for all age groups. Looking for a family outing? Time to head to Packages Mall!




Are you tired of ordering and then waiting for your favorite brands from abroad? What if we told you that you no longer have to wait? All your favorite international brands are available at Packages Mall!

Next, Aldo, Mango, US Polo, Nike, Adidas, Accessories, Levis, and Sketchers are few to name. There are over 200 local and international brands in the Mall.




When you are out shopping and having a good time of course you need to grab a bite! Now you must be wondering what a mall can offer when it comes to food! Well we might have you drooling now.

If you are in a mood for burgers or bun kebabs everything is here. From McDonalds to Bun Pluster we know how to fill your appetite.

Not just fast foods we have high-end cuisines such has Pantry by Polo Lounge to the Arcadian.





Now if the parents are shopping the kids need their time too! Packages mall has spacious play areas for the kids such as Bounce, Funco, Super Space and Topsy Turvey.

These play areas are the best options for kids especially when you want to hide from the outdoor heat of Lahore.

These spacious and interactive play areas are perfect for kids of various age groups.




While you are at it, why not treat yourself to a cinematic experience?

Cinepax, only in Lahore is operating at 3 different locations. One of their biggest cinemas is in the Packages Mall with various screens showcasing both local and international movies for its customers.

There is a CMAX Minipax and 4Dx cinemas too. So what are you waiting for? Grab some snacks, get on the recliner chairs and relax while you enjoy the movie!




No need to walk long miles, Packages Mall in-mall shuttle service is here to help their customers and to ease their shopping experience.

With kids and elderly sometimes you need some assistance. Yes we thought about it too!

Our shuttle service is available inside the mall premises to take you from one place to another so you don’t go through any hassle. You just put your focus and energy on shopping rest we have you covered!


Security & Aid:


Packages mall provides you with Aid and assistance at any time. There are various helping desk and a pharmacy available too at the Mall. The staff can help you if you face any haphazard. There are wheelchairs available at the premises that can assist people too.

Beside these there are many other facilities available at the Mall like ATMS and banks so you don’t have to worry about running out of cash. A prayer room and a baby changing area so you don’t have any difficulty in handling the kids. There is an electric car charging station as well as a car wash service. For the drivers there is a canteen and a comfortable area to sit so they wait comfortably till you finish shopping.

So if you already haven’t, we think it’s time to pay a visit to this one of a kind mall in Pakistan. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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